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So, YOU can finally get to the TRUE Root causes and remedies for yourself and your clients, 

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Hi Love, 

I'm Gina LaVerde 

I've served thousands of clients as a Medical Intuitive/Medium and Mediumship Development teacher since 2007. I've helped my family & others  get to the root cause of their physical, emotional and spiritual  imbalances -- overcoming seizures, autoimmunity, tumors, autism, depression & much more. 



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This One-of-a Kind Medical Intuition Certification course teaches Quantum Nutrition, Plant Spirit Medicine,  Muscle Testing the RIGHT Way, Intuitive Diagnostics, REIKI MASTERSHIP, and the tools YOU NEED to finally get personalized  CLEAR and ACCURATE answers for Yourself and Clients.

I see your clients FINALLY getting to the root of their issues, and YOU taking a breather -- because  NOW YOU  CAN.

Free Class: Spiritual Immunity

Your Toolkit for Banishing Demons, Protecting from ill-meaning Relatives & Standing in Your Sovereign Health ( a Quantum immune Booster)

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Join Gina for an Incredible Journey into Plant Spirit Medicine

Where you will learn how to make and use natural remedies, (tinctures, teas, vibrational elixirs and more) find your perfect remedies for  your clients and families, meditate and dream with plants, understand herbs and plants as allies on your healing journey and CREATE A THRIVING PRACTICE with your NEW PLANT SPIRIT TEAM.