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3 Protons Shroom Alchemy: A Deliciously Potent Alchemical Elixir for Body, Mind and Spirit.


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Reishi. Lion's Mane. Chaga. Quadruple Extracted.  Frequency Enhanced.

1 oz tincture. aprox 1 month supply. 


Ancient Alchemical Spageryc Process

Herbs are fermented, decocted and tinctured, then minerals are added back in

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients

with delicious flavor boosts of vanilla, fig, cinnamon, stevia, astragalus and ashwaganda

Super Potentized 

with 1:3 Herb/Mentrum Ratio and Frequency Enhancement 

Revered Chinese Herbs. Advanced Neurotropics. Adaptogens. 


I wanted to create a mushroom tincture that was better than all my favorites! Immediately, I knew it had to be delicious! I then combined my fermentation skills, my LOVE for minerals and my EXPERTISE in FREQUENCY HEALING to ASSIST in the need for support during these times. My family and I have been sampling and perfecting this recipe for 9 months. We've never felt better despite the many challenges we face daily. 

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This Brew is Enhanced with Healing Frequencies intended to SUPPORT Emotional/Nervous System Balance through these crazy times.

I imprint healing codes into water and transfer to the herbs, I extract messages from the plants themselves and incorporate them, I sing and play music to the brew as it matures. 

Each Bottle Gets a Personal Touch Healing Specifically for YOU!


Ingredients: quadruple extraction/tincture of organic Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Chaga Mushroom (fruiting bodies) using fermentation, decoction, maceration & spageryc calcination


Other Ingredients: cane alcohol, spring water, flavor boost of vanilla, fig, stevia, cinnamon, astragalus, ashwaganda, glycerine & water kefir grains to ferment


Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Corn- Free. Soy-Free. Vegan.



We only have 100 bottles. Shipments go out Monday May 2 


These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and are not meant to treat or cure any disease. Consult your physician before use.


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the Story of the Dream that started it all...


It was Egypt. 


The “time” of Christ.


There were what seemed like hundreds of us students.


Us girls wore our hair covered this time. And we helped one another dress for the adventure. Many of you giggling about “boys.”


Me, I just wanted to be with Mary.


She was there, and she was our teacher. 


As was her daughter. Mary. Who I felt I missed so so deeply. Who was also teaching.


They were both there, and I felt like I hadn’t seen them in so long, I could barely contain myself.


We were on a youth expedition/journey as part of our “coming of age” training.


So we left our village.. going much farther than we were typically allowed.

Often walking through caves and twisty dark tunnels, before coming to a sunny “safe” spot to have our lessons.


There were inherent dangers from the Romans who were trying to eliminate our people and our ways.


We had multiple teachers, and our lessons were in  smaller group settings.


Girls and boys separate for much of the time, but aware of one another. And, we would eat together before sundown and have the best parties.


But, I was distracted. 


I kept leaving alone to go look for the Marys.

One sister followed me to protect me.


Her name was Ruth.

She was much bigger than me.


She told me that the Marys had sent a message for me to not be so excited.



1. It’s missing the point because we all have work to do.


2. Nobody with a purpose has time to be put on a pedastal


3. I need to “get a grip” because there is work to do.


Ruth shook me. Wiped my face and put my hair under my head covering.

I knew.


The Marys were staying away intentionally.


I had been hearing them speak to me, directing me to lead the rather large group of boys and girls I was with.


But, I wanted a HUG. A face to face encounter with them. Because they knew it had literally been thousands of years.


They knew I was in a dream. And so did I.


And they didn’t want me to use that excuse to RUSH. And, miss the point.

There was a sense of severe loneliness.. like what I wanted was just a breath away.


Ruth and I were not paying attention to what was happening in our group.

And, there happened to be a fight between 2 sections of boys about what we would eat and when.


We carried our supplies and many were ready to eat and set up shop.


Others were yelling. 


It was a mess.


Someone broke our law and killed a bird (incorrectly?) to eat.

I looked at the plate, and noticed it wasn’t food.


With so much arguing and yelling amongst the boys.. (and, some of the boys were there in the dream space.. trying to implement modern day “tactics” of EATING VERY FAST IN ORDER TO GET A MOVE ON. 


It was hard for me to get a word in.


It was just chaos.


And, it was clear that Roman people were “around” and this fighting could get us in bigger trouble.


Ruth took me aside.

She put her hand on my face.

She said.. “Wake up Artemisia”

So I did.

And, I woke up immediately. And, went to the kitchen for my  ARTEMESIA Vulgarus... my “Mug Wort” ( “Crone Wort”)  plant.

I used it to Smudge and pray the wise woman grandmother energy all over my home. 


I learned, among other things, that Artemesia is the plant symbol for Medicine Women.  And, as it was CLEAR, that I needed to expand my offerings into the HERBAL WORLD to reach more people with these gifts.

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