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Gina LaVerde is a Medical Medium, Author and Teacher here to awaken you to the power to create your  own Blissed Life. She's a Certified Body Ecology Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, an Intuitive Energy Healer, and a student of Natural Medicine, currently pursuing her PhD.

For the past 11 years, she's helped thousands of clients overcome illness and stress using Energy Healing Techniques. These illnesses include autoimmune disease, digestive troubles, allergies, cancer, infections, anxiety and depression. 

She and her family have lived off-grid, grown food in the desert, traveled to teach in Central America and Mexico, and helped their son recover from vaccine injury. 

She's also overcome many of her own health challenges, including a very large tumor, parasites, psoriasis and more.

Gina has studied Shamanism, Chinese Herbs, American Herbs, Permaculture, Quantum Physics, Nutrition, and continues the journey. Her new book, "Are You Eating Your Bugs? -- an Adventure in Thriving with Probiotic Foods, Energy Healing and the Psychic Diet" is available wherever books are sold

Visit her at where she and her husband Doug share classes, healing and information to raise consciousness. 


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