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Leia's Testimonial: Autism/Gut Healing, Seizure Healing and Mediumship Development

Leia is a financial advisor and wellness coach.


Derek's Testimonial: Major Life Shifts through Medical Mediumship Training

Derek is the founder of the THRIVE online Health Program.


Emily's Testimonial: Major Health Shifts and Intuition Awakening through Medical Mediumship Training and Healing Sessions

Emily is an entrepreneur and the founder of the first vegan, sugar free energy bar.


More Testimonials

"Oh, Yesssss! Gina’s  good… very intuitive, very powerful, very loving, and very on point…. helped me with some natural remedies that I was unfamiliar with, but swear by now….. and I LOVE her!!!" --Osunlade Daphne Edwards-Emi


 "Gina is powerful beyond measure, this woman can clearly articulate the deepest stories of our soul; integrating many years experience in healing energy work with playfully intuitive messages of our past lives and ancestral history. Everyone comes away feeling guided, supported, answered and loved." --Pam Tree


"This woman is a precious gift to those of us who have received guidance, support and love from her, be it through a reading or just being in her presence. The reading she did for me has quite literally changed my life in so many positive ways and I am deeply grateful that she appeared in my life when she did. She has helped me so much. I love Gina and I can not recommend her enough." --Becky LaCroix


"I’ve never met anyone as incredibly intuitive as Gina LaVerde. Her reading opened up a magical gateway for me and I’ve been on the most incredible journey ever since. I know for sure that I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for this amazing woman."  --Carmin Caterina


"Gina LaVerde is truly love personified! In my reading she targeted each area of my body where I was blocked and helped me cleanse and move that energy. The lens that she helped me see my life through has helped me through some very intense times recently. Her words always stay close to my heart where I can access them and sooth myself in times of transition.  --Jean Marie Dimillo 


“Gina is a very spiritual and genuine person and healer whom I had the opportunity to associate with in some capacity in the arts while she has helped me HEAL UP via remote healing.

It happened late June 2009 where I had a slight pneumonia. We were conversing over the phone and right on the spot she asked me to close my eyes (as I go to my relaxed tai chi meditation mode) I felt a sudden rush of warmth on my chest and she said that my left lung was affected and sent her wonderful CHI, waves of loving and tender energy of light. Lo and Behold, I was healed that night. Thank you and you are a light of love. Generosity. And Compassion.”  --Eulalio, Fabie De Silva 


“I connected with Gina on facebook, and I’m so glad I did. Because at the time, I was ill, very, very ill and thanks to Gina and the many useful tools and insights she has I get closer to my true, healthy, happy self every day. In a world of no, she gave me a big fat YES. In the midst of lies, she is helping me find my truth. I couldn’t be more grateful. Love you, Gina!” --Maria Perez  


“Gina is quite possibly the most inspiring woman I have met in the healing community. Her passion for healing her son and the children of the world through nutrition and energy is unparalleled. I feel blessed to have met her!”  --Emily Shaules

 “I can’t believe how immediate the results of my session were! I felt energized and cleansed and ready to take on the world. I look forward to using my new EFT technique and incorporating my new supplements. What a peaceful and lovely experience. You are truly a talented and gifted woman and I look forward to our next session.” --Shannon Downey  


“Gina, What a wonderful person that you are! You continue to be an inspiration and light to so many people and I admire you deeply for that! Whoever has the opportunity to learn from you is sure to walk away with new ‘tools’ of knowledge and a whole new sense of direction and inspiration of how to feed and care for themselves and their families. I highly encourage anyone remotely considering to go, to GO and LEARN from Gina!! She has a wonderful, positive, beautiful presence that she’s simply a joy just to BE around. Thank you so much for your support. ” --Christina Allen 


“If you ever need a healer check out Gina LaVerde. She is seriously my closest health advisor at this point! A couple of easy instructions & her remedies soothed my throat, broke my fever and I am on the road to recovery… Along this amazing path, I am blessed with some serious heavy hitters supporting me. My healer, Gina LaVerde has been instrumental in relieving old wounds through reiki, affirmations and, Emotional Freedom Techniques. Quieting my body and my mind is getting a little easier each time as I wake each morning to say “I love you” in the mirror. And despite the long road ahead, I am feeling truly free again.” --Jen Khatchatrian 

"I have to tell everyone one thing is for sure, my 4 year old daughter is doing so incredibly well since I have been working with Gina!

My daughter went from being frustrated, crabby and painfully shy to a happy, well adjusted 4 year old. She is talking more now and understands upon explanation right away. No more screaming and temper tantrums.Every day is a better day and I see more of her creativity and intelligence every day. Even better I was able to pass along all the great advice Gina has given me to help others.She is great, she is wonderful, she knows what she is talking about… so listen you may just learn something, or better yet, help heal someone you love!” --Melanie Miller


I’ve taken several of Gina's amazing classes already – wow, what a profound experience each one turned out to be. Emotional, deep, and opening. You connect with your Higher Self, re-member your wisdom, your gifts, your powers, and and you’re left thirsty for more! Gina is always listening to you and to their inner truth, so that she can manifest the next class, the next journey, the next big idea in order to serve YOU – the fellow spiritual being, having a human experience. I love how gently she guides, how lovingly she expresses, how passionately she exists. I tell all of my friends about her. I lighten up every time I think about my experience. My heart is beaming with love for Gina." -- Gergana P. Chicago, IL



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