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This is for all health care professionals, care givers and parents of special needs  and sensitive children. It is for nutritionists, empaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nurses. It's for you if you want to become a health coach or need to help yourself and others recover from anything.  Nothing we do here is what you've already learned. We are taking it to another level. We incorporate Quantum energy with functional nutrition, herbs and alchemy of medicine making, and share cutting-edge modalities and discoveries. 

A medical intuitive is someone who uses their psychic ability to tune-in and understand what is going on inside the body. We are given messages in many ways -- including visions, senses and emotions. There is no right or wrong way to receive these messages, as it is an individual journey.  A born "medium," like Gina LaVerde knows how to vibrationally step aside and allow those messages to come through Spirit (higher self, universe, collective consciousness etc). We can all exercise these intuitive muscles and grow to use these tools regardless of our experience. 

I doubt it. Most of my clients have gone through many trainings in their particular fields -- BUT this program ties together many of those modalities you've studied with a QUANTUM approach.  And adds so much more. Even if you're familiar with most of what we're doing, we are serving it from a new perspective. The key here is the type of support and alignment that happens when you connect with my team and me.. 

Gina is a  powerful healer who is able to tune in and identify the exact energetic cause of your issue, and help you transmute it. She is gifted, not only with medical issues, but also in working with Akashic Records, soul's purpose, spiritual contracts, removing entities (imprints/implants/dark energies). You can work with Gina to connect to your souls purpose. She can also help you discern messages coming through to you from your Guides and extraterrestrial/dimensional beings. If you feel that you are a medium, psychic or empath then contacting Gina to support your journey is a quantum leap for your success.

Gina no longer does 1-1 private sessions. She now offers a 1 -week program trial period where she gives a lot of individual attention. The best way to receive  that is to sign up for the 1-week program trial for  $27.99. by clicking the "Shop" button. Anytime you have a session or class with Gina, you will get both healing and education. 

You can book a 1-1 session with  one of our team members after joining for the week. 

You will start noticing results immediately. You will get answers and feel relief after each call. We will create a sustainable plan together that will help you reach your goals. Joining a Medical Mediumship Training will also help you create thriving health for yourself. So, you may face challenges, but you will have support. Everyone is different. So, stay in close contact with Gina to get the help you need throughout your journey. 

No, they do not. It's best if you come without them. However, you will receive exercises that you will want to share with them almost right away, 


We will meet by phone or computer through an app called "Zoom." You can call from any phone from anywhere in the world and do not need the app to join our group trainings and personal sessions.

Once you pay for your training or reading, you will receive an email with instructions and link to join. 

After having done this for over a decade, I've realized that it often works best without the face-to face option. This way, students can be in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and focus on what's important without  being seen. Yet, some of the classes you will be able to see me and show yourself if you like.


Energy knows no bounds. In fact, I see all of my clients from a distance. Being in the comfort of their own home helps  home relax and connect even easier. 


Class begins the moment you join.  You will:


  1. Click "Join Me Now" and sign up
  2. Gina will schedule a welcome call with you to get you comfy with the program and answer any of your questions.
  3. Receive welcome packet with contract, syllabus, and access to online courses
  4. Schedule your first one-on-one phone session (you can also join from your computer).
  5. We will then preschedule your following 5 sessions
  6. Group calls are once a month on the 4th Saturday from 10:30 am pst-noon

Group classes are recorded, so you can always get the recording. You can also make up a missed class since the program is ongoing. 

On the rare occasion that I need to reschedule, you'll be notified asap.

This is a Level 1 Advanced Medical Mediumship Training for Natural Practitioners, Empaths and Healers. Remember that your Self and your Family are often your first clients. While you can join this class without any previous experience as an energy healer, we are going to go very deep here. "Advanced" refers to the amount we are going to cover and accomplish together. There will be nothing I won't share with you for fear you are not ready. I'm not holding back. I'm teaching you all of my best skills. I've been at this for 13 years, so this is not a beginner-style course. It is my belief that the people attracted to me are already quite "advanced" healers and may just need some awakening and reassurance. If you've experienced the challenges of multiple sensitivities, autoimmunity and/or psychic sensitivities, you are already awakening these skills. You are ready for an advanced level. If you are a practitioner, Welcome! I teach many healing practitioners who add these skills to their practice. Please let me know all about your work.



Of course, I teach many health practitioners. These include massage therapists, acupuncturists, Nurses, Reiki masters, nutritionists and naturopaths. So, let me know all about your work in your questionnaire after you join.

Most of my clients have "tried everything." So, I completely get how you feel. And, I really want this to work for you. This approach gives you more control over your mind, and a deeper understanding of what's going on in your body. While we cannot guarantee results, I know that if you do the work, you will begin feeling better right away. I can only take a limited number of clients for this program, so that I can give full attention to each participant. 

I honor your religion, but do not subscribe to one myself. This work takes you to the depths of your soul, and yet everything we do has scientific backing. It is the perfect marriage of body, mind, and spirit. When you go this deep, you will have your own spiritual experiences that you get to define. Please only join me if it all feels really good to you. 

You, as the student, are the primary person we work on here. You can share what you learn with the whole family and bring your partner or child to your calls if you like, at no cost. We will have time to dig in to each person/family member in our sessions. If you seek extra medical intuitive advice for a family member, you can pay a small fee for each session dedicated to them. 

Please share what you've learned with the whole world.  Please do it in your way. In your own words. Perhaps you will go on to help others in this way. However, do not share our class recordings or handouts with anyone outside of your household. Do not give your log-in info to anyone else. We keep our energetic space very sacred.

You will be able to download and keep all of our recordings forever.

This is a form of energy healing that can be directed to clear away blocks, imprints from pathogens and so much more. 

Its history is pretty new, dating back just over a hundred years in Japan. I want to show you new ways to use hands-on and distance healing that incorporates reiki symbols and hand techniques.

I teach it here because it is now recognized in hospitals, and a certification can give you something tangible to add to your healer's repertoire. 

You will have completed your course work in 13 months, or simply stay for the number of months you wish to participate (unless otherwise arranged). You are welcome  at our group courses meditations, &  Q+A for 13 months. And,  support  group forever and ever -- as long as the program lives.  You will  also have the exercises forever to refer back to. You can complete the online study portion at your own pace and submit your application to receive your certificates (Reiki and Medical Intuition)  when you are finished. (No Rush) you will have LIFETIME group support to answer your questions and motivate you to finish in efficient timing. 

I encourage you to join me, only if you are serious about taking this step. This is not an automated program, so I cannot offer full refunds. If you'd like to try to the program at no risk, join us for the week for 27.99 and receive a full refund from that if it doesn't suit your needs. However, if you have taken every step with the full program,  and are not feeling successful, I will work with you to find that success, or offer you another go-around in the class. Natural healing can take time. So, I'll make sure that we set sustainable goals and visions. But, if you do the work, success is the only option I see. 

The cost of the class was designed to be a balanced contribution, without hurting the wallets of people who have already spent loads on health care and education. Currently, there is about 143 hours of live sessions (individual, group and email) that you will receive. At $7,777, that's $54/hour. This does not include the time spent working alone on your case, the growing number of recorded classes we are adding to our online curriculum. Or the Reiki Intensive. 

Payment plans are available for anyone who needs them. Click Here for Monthly Option

Our group sessions are about 3 hours each.  But, it can vary as we become more efficient. We cover a lot. In the beginning,  you can consider setting aside  half an hour a day to practice with some of the materials. this is a great commitment. You can consider opening the online classes each morning or evening as part of your routine. I help you make it sustainable. I'll even share energy healing techniques to help you manifest more efficiently. Time does not exist in the way we currently know it.

But, remember that this is your journey. You can take it as easy or as full-force as you like. Chances are, if you are like many of our other clients, you will be learning new things from this program for years to come. 

No, I am not. However, my team members are nutritionists, herbalists, nurses and healers too. 

I work with food and herbs and continue to take classes in these subjects. My approach is to connect vibrationally to food, herbs and the body. I am a Certified Body Ecologist (through Donna Gates at Body Ecology), and I'm working to get my PhD in Natural Medicine. 

Although I've taken herbology and other very helpful courses over the last decade, my primary teachers are my spirit guides and my connection to Source/God.

My team helps balance out the curriculum wit their professional expertise. 

Of course, and I've learned to spot those people before diving in to help them. In 14 years, I've witnessed amazing accuracy in my readings -- which I credit to Spirit. Each and every time I tune-in, I say a prayer that I will be helpful. You never know. Very recently, I had a client who was not fully helped by my work. So, I dug in to help her more.  And, that was a first! That challenge helped me become better at what I do. If I cannot help you personally, I may know someone who can. 

From the planet Vega, quite possibly. But not in terms of only consuming vegetation. I also do not believe there is one diet for all. My work in this field has shown me so much more about food as vibration. 

What we eat becomes a part of us. And, we go through different phases of life where we need different lessons and energies. I've been vegan and raw vegan for a period of 2 years, and continue to eat a high vegan diet. But, I have found that my body requires bone broths and fish at this point in my life. 

Yes, you are! And, that is what my clients often say. It's good to be humble. But, it's time to be your authentic self and awaken your inner wisdom if you want to take your healing all the way. How can you do this? You're already doing it. 

And, now you have support. 

The short answer here is no. You will need to work with a doctor for this. This class can be helpful support in terms of understanding and clearing the underlying issues that created the need for medication in the first place.

I will show you how to clear that and take charge of the energy you hold in your space. It is important. We will work on that right away. The mind-set work is also key for this. 

Medical Disclaimer:


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Responsibility: offers practical advice and techniques to aid you through your recovery process. You are responsible to apply these healing modalities to your situation. If you don’t follow the protocols offered by then you should not expect to see results. You have to show up fully for this program in order to receive the benefits of it.



Refund Policy: does not offer refunds on services provided, other than the application fee, which would be refunded only in the event that would be unable to work with you. Please allow two weeks from the date of submittal of your application for a full evaluation of you application, though this process usually happens sooner.


Privacy Policy: will never share your personal information with any other organization or individual, without written consent from you. All information related to you and your file will be retained for the duration of your service period and then destroyed.




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